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*These are real cut eucalyptus branches and flowers, assembled by hand. Bundles begin the drying process immediately. This is not a houseplant* 

Made with care and hand-tied with a length of twine, perfect for hanging in your shower. Bring an invigorating element to  your daily shower routine. The steam gently opens the pores of the eucalyptus, turning your shower into a spa while having the healing properties of the herbs and flowers. Perfect for headaches, congestion, anxiety and spicing up your self-care routine.

Enjoy for up to a month or longer in your shower, or if you'd rather, hang to dry in a dry and cool space to preserve for years!

Each bundle will always have two or more different types of eucalyptus and other herbs and flowers. Although, each bundle may vary slightly as we use what's in season and available. 


No custom orders. 

Questions? Email us!

Floral Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

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